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Lodge 14 Announces New Executive Director

We wish to thank Kelly and extend our appreciation for his many years of dedicated service. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. The Board has met and approved Chad Bennion as our new Executive Director.

Our new Executive Director, Chad Bennion, has worked with and represented law enforcement officers in administrative proceedings in jurisdictions throughout the State of Utah and brings to the position over two decades of government and political experience in municipal, county, state and federal government affairs. He is a former member of the Utah House of Representatives, who served on the Judiciary and Public Utilities Committees, Vice – Chair of the House Rules Committee, House Chair of the Commerce and Revenues Appropriations Sub-Committee, and National Vice – Chair of the Energy and Electrical Utilities Committee of the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL). During his service in the legislature, he was twice named “Legislator of the Year” for his work on law enforcement issues by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and received other honors and awards. Since his service in the Legislature, he has served as the Chair of a county political party and served in numerous other county and state political positions. He received a track & field/cross country scholarship to the University of Oregon and graduated with a degree in Political Science and American Studies. He is a recipient of the Koyl Cup, an annual award to the junior man, at the University of Oregon, who demonstrates the most impressive advances in academics, athletics, and community service. When not in the office, he enjoys the outdoors, especially trail running in the canyons and summiting mountain peaks.


Ken Strong



Lodge 14 

Executive Director bids a fond farewell! 

Forty-seven years ago, I was elected by men and women twice my age to represent them before T.H. Bell, who was Superintendent of the Granite School District and later appointed the U.S. Secretary of Education in the Reagan Administration. I was 19 years of age at the time. I have been representing and strengthening public employee organizations and unions ever since. It has been my life’s work and a great honor to associate with hardworking, industrious, capable and competent people.  


Several months ago, when the disaffected members of Lodge 14 declared that they were going to form a new Lodge, I stated before approximately 100 members of FOP in Region III that, if the disaffected members were successful in doing so, I would no longer be interested in being an advocate for either lodge because I have made too many friends on both sides of the two divisions. At this point in my career, I have no interest in attempting to manage the fracas which always occurs in these types of situations.  


I have decided, effective September 30, 2017, to leave FOP. Experience has taught me over my professional career that once a group divides the result is the creation of silos of self-interests. It was the great Abraham Lincoln who said, “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.” While I understand those, who have formed the new group believe this is the right course of action, it has been my experience competing organizations are ultimately unsuccessful in the long-term. The formation of a competing employee organization weakens the advocacy of employees while strengthening management. 


Much has been accomplished over the last 17 years with the help and assistance of the great men and exceptional women who work for the Utah Department of Corrections. Thank you for the honor of being your Executive Director. In parting, may I extend my gratitude to the following: Steve Miller for his exceptional leadership, Scott McCullough for his unparalleled integrity, Vaughn Howard for his resolve to always do the right thing for the right reason, and to Ken Strong for his brilliance and leadership. Collectively we have accomplished much. May I also thank the current leadership team of FOP: Ken Strong, President; Mike Renckert, Vice President AP&P; Jared Diehl, Vice President Corrections; Holly Neville, Sec/Treasurer, and David Booth, Sgt. at Arms & Trustee.


As I depart, I have worked with the Lodge’s cadre of exceptional leaders named above to develop a plan to ensure the continued success and prosperity of the Lodge. I leave the Lodge in their great and capable hands. 




Kelly Atkinson

Former Executive Director

Lodge 14 


Today we received exciting news from the Utah State Lodge. This news is important not only to members of Lodge 14 but also to the entire FOP family in the State of Utah. Today, the Utah Court of Appeals REVERSED the decision of the Career Review Service Office to uphold the termination of a Lodge 14 member, Agent Antionette Aiono. 


The reason this is so impactful is not only because it corrects a GREAT injustice done to a wonderful person and an agent, Antionette Aiono; but in addition, it gives Lodge 14 ammunition going forward to challenge the fairness of the CRSO hearings process before the Utah State Legislature.  

FOP Lodge 14 wishes to congratulate Bret Rawson, Nate Nelson and Jeremy Jones of the Utah FOP Legal Plan on this BIG WIN at the Court of Appeals.

To read the decision in its entirety, please download the PDF file below. 

Adobe Acrobat document [3.0 MB]

FOP Lodge 14 - Moving Forward! 

On Friday, a group of disaffected FOP Lodge 14 members petitioned the members of the Utah State Lodge to create a separate Lodge in AP&P to represent agents who decide they no longer wish to have Lodge 14 address their association needs. Lodge 14 fully intends to continue the long-standing tradition of providing the highest quality representation at the most affordable costs to agents and correctional officers of the Utah Department of Corrections. While Lodge 14 determines the most appropriate way forward to keep our Lodge strong and vibrant there are just a few things we bring to the attention of our members:


  • While there has been lots of promoting and touting of FOP benefits by the newly formed disaffected Lodge, all FOP members are entitled to the same benefits from both the Utah State Lodge and the Grand National Lodge. No lodge receives from either of these two organizations more than any other lodge.
  • Remember, however, Lodge 14 has a President who was the architect of the new career pathway plan which has annual increments (provides raises every year for those on the salary schedule), a feat which has NEVER been accomplished. In addition, FOP Lodge 14 has a full-time professional lobbyist, who has represented our interests on Capitol Hill since 1999 and has accomplished much over those years to benefit our members. Both of these men have a plan moving forward to secure equality for all agents and correctional workers under the new pay plan. While it will be a challenge based on the events which have recently transpired, Lodge 14 is still committed to fairness for all.
  • In addition to the Utah Legal Plan, which covers all FOP in UDC, Lodge 14 provides the option of giving the member the choice to be represented during the administrative process by the Executive Director of the lodge who has over 47 years’ experience in employee representation. 

As we deliberate on our options to continue to provide the best quality of representation going forward, please note we will listen and work with our membership to continue to be a strong voice for agents and correctional officers before UDC and on Utah’s Capitol Hill.

Why FOP Lodge 14 Opposes the Creation of a Second Lodge in the Utah Department of Corrections 

FOP Lodge 14 opposes the creation of a  second UDC Lodge because it is divisive and does not serve the interest of its membership, agents and correctional officers.  As has been demonstrated in the last few weeks by the actions of a few, without leadership, people divide along lines of self-interests. Those pushing to create an agent lodge feel like FOP Lodge 14 failed them. These valued members refuse to place the blame where it most assuredly belongs, squarely upon the consultant’s shoulders. FOP did not select the consultant nor did FOP have input on the structure of the pay plan, contrary to the diatribes of disaffected members and their campaign of misinformation. No evidence exists to demonstrate that FOP was anything but an advocate for all its members in every meeting before policymakers and holders. FOP advocated and spoke to bureaucrats, regulators and legislators alike arguing the range structure used for decades by the state of Utah was flawed and the astronomical employee turn-over would not subside until a pay system was in place which provided a career path for officers and agents.

Our Executive Director has spent 47 years (1970 to the present time) representing employees in the state of Utah in one form or another, he can personally attest to what happens when two lodges (employee organizations) are created in one agency -  the workings of the two lodges quickly denigrate to a test of will. In every case, the outcome is the largest group always prevails to the detriment of not only the small group but to the entire organization. This contest is always counterproductive and destructive to both lodges. The results have always been that the employee associations get weaker and the administration gets stronger.

FOP has grown to the largest and arguably the strongest lodge in the state of Utah. Through the combined efforts of both agents and correctional officers, FOP Lodge 14 is a forced to be reckoned with on Capitol Hill. This statement has been proven over the last three years with the evidence being record increases in wages and compensation for UDC sworn over all other public employees in the state of Utah. In addition, working together with the administration, FOP pulled off something that has never been accomplished in the history of the state - a wage plan which requires funding each year and creates a career path for officers and agents with guaranteed increments. Is the new pay plan, as proposed by the consultant, perfect? The system is far from being perfect! However, it is a system. A system, which no public employee in the state of Utah has had in the past to improve upon. A system can be improved upon and modified, a pay range with no structure and no guarantees cannot.

For the record, FOP did not or has the organization ever advocated for more funding for correctional officers over agents. In fact, the pay plan developed by FOP over two years ago maintained the status quo between agents and correctional officers.  A fact that can be easily verified regardless of the babel that serves those who would divide the organization.

A lot of time, energy, and effort is being expended attempting to create a second lodge within UDC. In our estimation, that time could be better spent working with FOP Lodge 14 to fix the agent compensation disparity rather than being contentious and dividing one another into silos – agents or correctional officers.  Our fight is not with one another as some would have our members believe, our fight is with the work of the consultant who used a flawed bifurcated approach to develop a pay plan.  

FOP has a stellar track record of fixing these types of inequities when we stand united together. That is why Lodge 14 opposes the formation of a second FOP Lodge. There is just too much as stake to agree to allow groups to coalesce into their own factions and then end up opposing one another’s agenda based on self-interest.

Agent Compensation Update


FOP Members:


FOP has been actively involved in working towards getting a pay structure that more accurately reflects the work done by AP&P (agents meaning both agent and supervisors in this document). Once we secured the funding at the Utah State Legislature for the new pay structure, FOP immediately focused on agent compensation (agent meaning both agent and supervisors) and salary.

FOP formed an Agent Compensation Committee with Agent John Carpenter at its helm and met with the Cook Administration to present its findings. Based on FOP’s research it was discovered that the consultant used by the state compared correction officers with the four highest counties in the state and AP&P agents with agents in other selected states. By using two different methods to analyze equitable compensation, in FOP’s estimation, the consultant created an unfair compensation system for agents.

FOP presented our findings before the Cook administration. FOP requested a 14% increase in the compensation of agents to bring them more in line with the method used by the consultant to justify wages for correctional officers. While sympathetic, the Cook administration rejected FOP’s proposal because it went against the consultant’s recommendations and there was no money to support the 14% increase this fiscal year.

The Cook administration has now put together an Agent Compensation Committee. The committee is working on establishing different levels of agents with varying responsibilities. The committee is not tasked with developing a salary schedule for these new positions of agents. Rather that task will be left to HR. The work of the Department’s Agent Compensation Committee will be completed sometime early in August.

FOP is working with its FOP Agent Compensation Committee and will recommend a compensation salary schedule for the consideration of the Cook administration upon the completion of our work.

For updates, come here often.

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FOP Annual State of the Association Address to the Membership 

Lodge 14 Report – 2017 FOP State Convention

Submitted by: Ken Strong, FOP Lodge 14 President


Here are just a few of our accomplishments over the last year:


  • Lodge 14 continues to experience record membership growth with 492 members. This number constitutes 18% of the FOP membership in Utah.                                                                                                                         
  • Lodge 14 was successful in securing a historical employee salary schedule with annual increments for state workers - joining our Highway Patrol brothers and sisters. No other employees in Utah are paid according to a salary schedule with annual steps.                                                                                                        
  • To implement the salary schedule, corrections received the largest group appropriation in the history of the state for public employees’ salaries at just over $7.9 million for the FY 2017–18 fiscal year.                                                                                                                    
  • Over the last year,  FOP Lodge 14 has met with Governor Herbert on two separate occasions to discuss pay compensation issues.                                                                                                                                         
  • FOP Lodge 14 members are given a choice to be represented in the administrative hearing process by either Kelly Atkinson, Executive Director of FOP Lodge 14, or by FOP’s attorneys through the Utah State Lodge Legal Plan. Twenty-eight members chose to have Mr. Atkinson represent them before the administration. The outcome of these 28 grievances are:


1.Five members had their proposed discipline rescinded (18%)

2.Nineteen members had their proposed discipline reduced. (68%)

3.Four members cases proceeded to the CRSB and received representation by FOP’s attorneys at that point. (14%) 


NOTE: Mr. Atkinson referred 12 cases directly to FOP’s attorneys due to the nature of the alleged violation. FOP Lodge 14 has no data on the outcome of these cases. In addition, FOP Lodge 14 members may directly contact FOP’s attorneys without going through Lodge 14. FOP Lodge 14 has no data regarding how many of our members selected this route or the outcome of their cases.


  • FOP Lodge 14 held its annual FOP Legislator of the Year banquet. It was attended by Governor Gary Herbert, Director Kristen Cox of the Office of Management and Budget, and outgoing Legislator Rich Cunningham who was a champion for public employees on retirement issues. Each of these individuals were given the designation of “Honorary Majors” of Lodge 14 (see a depiction of the badge at the end of this report).                                                                                                                                          
  • Every FOP Lodge 14 member is identified by their legislative house and senate district and are requested to contact their legislators during the session. This makes FOP Lodge 14 extremely effective on Utah’s Capitol Hill. The positive impact of Legislators hearing directly from FOP Lodge 14 members, who resided in their legislative boundaries, was mentioned multiple time by the members of the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriation Subcommittee.                                                                

Go to http://www.utahfop14.com/ and scroll down on the homepage to the video entitled “Compensation Chat” to hear legislators praise the professionalism of the men and women who wrote in support of the new compensation proposal. 


  • Although FOP Lodge 14 does not maintain a PAC, because Mr. Atkinson is FOP Lodge 14s registered lobbyist, ‘this last year Mr. Atkinson contributed in behalf of the lodge to the campaigns of 13 key legislators and public office holders including Governor Gary Herbert, Attorney General Sean Reyes, the Speaker of the House Greg Hughes, and the President of the Senate Wayne Niederhauser. These contributions make FOP Lodge 14 the number 1 contributor to political campaigns from the FOP community in the state of Utah.  No FOP Lodge, including the State FOP Lodges, donate more funding to legislative campaigns than Lodge 14.                                                                                                                             
  • FOP Lodge 14 held 3 regional meetings explaining to the membership the nuances of the new pay plan.                                                                                                                                                                               
  • FOP Lodge 14 holds a seat on both the A Manual Policy Committee and the Employee Organization Executive Team with UDC.  The Lodge has played a vital role ensuring new directions for UDC have little negative inmates on UDC staff.  Some issues that have been addressed are:                                         
  • Taking away of termination language in regard to staff failing to meet the LSRNR standards
  • Working to get staff issued personal radios as a result of certain post being closed
  • Worked to make military experience apply equally for T2E2 promotion points throughout UDC  


The challenges faced this year by FOP Lodge 14 include:


  • Due to the sheer rapidity of the growth being experienced in FOP Lodge 14, the officers and staff of FOP Lodge 14 are working hard to ensure the needs of the membership are addressed. FOP Lodge 14 circulated a survey which was filled out by 394 officers and agents and is an invaluable tool in helping the organization better serve its membership. Why FOP Lodge 14 enjoys a large employee satisfaction rating from its membership, Lodge 14 is working each day to maintain the trust and confidence of its members.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • As a result of the consultant’s recommendation on the new pay plan, long-term AP&P agents and supervisors, data selected from surrounding states didn’t come out as well as other employees in the new system. Why no one in the system is getting a pay cut or being frozen in their wage positions, these senior agents and supervisors are disappointed, as is FOP, and of course are very upset at the recommendations of the consultant. FOP is working to correct what we consider to be a problem in the way data was considered and collected and the lack of upward mobility on the AP&P side of the correction ledger. FOP is leading the way on addressing this issue and the two so-called employee associations have done little to nothing to assist in our efforts. UPEA stated recently that their organization was satisfied with the recommendations of the consultant and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has been no place to be found. 


  • As a result of the consultant’s recommendation on the new pay plan, long-term AP&P agents and supervisors, data selected from surrounding states didn’t come out as well as other employees in the new system. Why no one in the system is getting a pay cut or being frozen in their wage positions, these senior agents and supervisors are disappointed, as is FOP, and of course are very upset at the recommendations of the consultant. FOP is working to correct what we consider to be a problem in the way data was considered and collected and the lack of upward mobility on the AP&P side of the correction ledger. FOP is leading the way on addressing this issue and the two so-called employee associations have done little to nothing to assist in our efforts. UPEA stated recently that their organization was satisfied with the recommendations of the consultant and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has been no place to be found.


  • Why at this point we have not lost agents and supervisors as members of FOP, in fact membership is up even among agents in FOP, the issues must be addressed to bring equity and fairness to this very important segment of FOP Membership. 

FOP is working hard to insert equity into the implementation of the new salary schedule

FOP will meet with Director Cook on Thursday, May 11, 2017 to attempt to improve the AP&P compensation this issue as proposed by the outside consultant. This task was made much more difficult when another so-called "employee association" stated at the last Compensation Committee meeting called by the Department that they were ready to implement the proposal without changes. To learn more about this issue, go to the Newsletter tab of this website. 


The FOP promised you, during regional meetings, we would work to correct the inequities in the new career salary schedule once the system was adopted by the Utah State Legislature. Largely because of FOP and the tireless efforts of Director Cook, this has NOW been accomplished.


The Legislature will end today at midnight. We want to gather up information regarding agents’ wages in these other states (Oregon, Washington, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, and New Mexico) that the consultant used to make his recommendations to ensure he is comparing apples to apples. In addition, we wish to brainstorm what additional information we can bring to the table to force a desk audit. Once we have pulled together data, we will set up meetings with Director Cook, the Governor’s Office, the Office of Management and Budget, and key legislators to make adjustments in the salary system and correct any inequities.


This is a matter FOP is dedicated to resolving in the interest of our members. If you’re interested in serving on this committee, we ask that you forward your name to Kelly Atkinson at congresman@comcast.net and he will email you the log in information for the call.


We are holding these meetings electronically so no matter where you reside in the state, you may participate if you have a desire to do so. Our first meeting will be


March 20, 2017

7 pm MST




Ken Strong, FOP President

Michael Renckert, FOP Vice President, AP&P

Jared Diehl, FOP Vice President Corrections

Holly Neville, FOP Secretary/Treasurer

David Booth, Sgt at Arms    

FOP secure New Career Salary Schedule Pathway for UDC Agents & Officers

Dear FOP Lodge 14 members,

With the reports of the new pay plan approval, I wanted to thank those staff who made an extra effort to step up and support The Cause. This has been a work in progress that started in September of 2013. We have learned a lot about state rules, our department and the heart of its people along the way. Frustrated with the very slow progress at times, yet we prepared for meeting after meeting with a few positive encounters along the way. People gave us encouragement, help and suggestions that came from sources ranging from fellow Officers all the way to the Governor’s Office. I want to acknowledge them for their help for getting us to this point.


Holly Neville, whose incredible skills of creating presentations, writing and editing, and her interpersonal skills that made friends and allies of the people who supported us.

Dave Booth, who offered his leadership skills by encouraging staff to write letters, as well as his photographic talents to document and show the effort being put forth for our staff.

Jennifer Starks, for her incredible work creating, moderating, monitoring, and sharing information on “The Strong Cause” Facebook group. I feel this group has been the nucleus of our efforts, and the gathering of ideas and information sharing was impressive.  

Psychologist Sean Casey, for his expertise in building the graphs and spreadsheets used in our presentations.


Kent Demill, who stepped up and supported us to get this rolling even before most staff knew what we were trying to accomplish.


FOP Vice President Jared Diehl, who brought renewed energy, vigor, knowledge and offered help with everything.


CUCF’s Jason Nielson & Laura Mumford and the CUCF employee’s work group that produced the valuable information related to Correctional Staff by Rank and the Public Assistance they qualify for.


Ryan Garlock’s CPM group work which compared our benefit plans with the Counties benefit plans.

Robert Bond, Doug Cook, Stephen Tebben, Vaughn Howard, Marty O’Bray, The Scheduling Office, Neil Halladay, Brent Jacobson.  All of those who contributed valuable information, encouragement and time to helping The Cause.


Some may feel their contribution was small, but to the bigger picture every bit was helpful, and piece by piece it worked because of them. To each and every one of you who took the time to write to our Legislators and explain how important this issue is to you personally, I thank you. We were successful in improving UDC Officer’s lives far into the future due to your efforts.


At the start of this process, I was approached by three employee organizations who requested I join their groups. I stated that I wanted to remain neutral, so every group would feel comfortable working with us. I waited to see who would step up and actually earn my dues. Who would work hard to support and drive our agenda forward. Who would mentor and protect the Officers they claim to represent. For 18 months, I watched these groups give lip service and then disappear, never providing anything substantial to help. Although some individuals in those organizations helped, the organization itself failed to contribute anything more than minimal information and time, except for one.


From our initial meeting with all of the employee organizations, it became clear that F.O.P. was there for us. More specifically, Kelly Atkinson requested a meeting with us, took our information and went straight to work laying out a plan to effect a change. He was not only helpful, he soon took the lead and put us in front of the Governor’s staff at the Capitol, and then with the state DHRM director. This was the foundation to start a new pay plan and we became more productive by working with these individuals and groups. We owe him our gratitude and respect for what he does for us every day. I see his work behind the scenes at the Capitol during the Legislative session and all year long. His relentless drive to accomplish this goal is inspiring. I joined FOP because of his spirit and drive. I have met the F.O.P. Attorneys and they are solid, savvy and focused. I believe this organization has our best interest at heart and will relentlessly pursue improving our work place and the treatment of our Officers.


And finally, a thank you to Director Cook for understanding the need and having the vision and patience to see this new pay plan through; Deputy Director Haddon and the rest of the Corrections staff who worked hard supporting us by putting staff compensation as a priority with the Legislature. This collaboration and team work proved to be successful for the past three years.


This effort is appreciated and did not go unnoticed. The staff of UDC appreciate your efforts as well.


Thank You,

Ken Strong

President F.O.P. lodge 14     

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FOP on the verge of acheiving a Salary Pay Plan - first of its kind! 

FOP has fought for over 19 years now to become the first major public employees group in the state of Utah with a salary schedule which guarantees regular and consistent step increases each year. This goal has been a hard fight and we are right on the verge of finally achieving the goal. But there are still many obstacles to over come and many challenges to address. 


First, the system isn't perfect. Because it was created by an outside consultant, the internal alignment of the pay structure does NOT reflect the alignment which has been a hallmark of the range system (if you can call the range system a system). As a result, FOP recognizes that the system will have to be adjusted as we move forward. 


Second, the proposal constitutes the largest single salary "ask" for corrections,  in the history of the Department (7.6 million dollars). Some legislators and members of the general public will believe these funds are better spent elsewhere. Listen to the audio below to hear what several members of the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee are saying about the challenges ahead. 


Third, other agencies in the state of Utah aren't thrilled at the prospects of corrections getting a salary schedule and their agency continue in a system which guarantees NO raises each year. They think, if corrections can get a salary schedulet, why can't we? 

To stay current on the day to day happenings on this issues, please go to the COMPENSATION CAMPAIGN tab located at the top of the homepage. 


Thank you from Governor Herbert! 

Strong chats with the Governor

President Ken Strong discussing with Governor Gary R. Herbert, state of Utah; the correctional salary career path developed by the Governor and the 7.6 million dollar appropriation recommended  by him for for FY2018. 

Ken and the Governor were together at a function held by FOP to honor the Governor for his efforts in behalf of correctional officers and agents. 

FOP Lodge 14 Elects Ken Strong as New FOP President

December 9,2016


for new FOP Lodge 14 officers were officially closed on November 30, 2016. The outcome of the election is reported in a farewell message by outgoing President Vaughn Howard. 


This will be my last e-mail as President of Corrections Lodge 14.  Through the years my only goal was to make Corrections a better place to work.  I was the Vice President for 4 years and now the President for 6 years.  The reason I became involved in FOP was the past administrations were not looking out for the employees.  I observed inconsistencies with the way discipline was handed down. If you weren't one of the good old boys your would get a more progressive discipline.  


A good leader surrounds them self with people who have good judgement and challenges their decisions to ensure the organization prospers.  I believe Kelly Atkinson is one of the reasons FOP has prospered and made several changes for the good.  During my 10 years we have grown our number from 210 members to 454.  We are the largest lodge in the state and by almost double.  We have removed one Executive Director and replaced him  with in my opinion one of the best directors we have had in the 21 years I have worked for the department.  We have changed the promotion process and discipline process.  This continues to be a work in progress.  The thing I'm most proud of is how our members, with the direction of Kelly have been able to get us two years of raises for our employees.  I would also Like to thank the two Vice Presidents I have had the privilege of working with Mark Dewolfe and Stephen Tebben.  They have kept me grounded and been the ones who let me know how staff really feel.  With out them our organization wound not have worked. 


All these accomplishments could't have happened if the members weren't involved and for this I thank you for your support an the trust you placed in me.  I Love my corrections family at times I have spent more time with you then my own family.  I'm retiring from corrections not because I don't love my job!  I'm still young and I can feel the affects this job is having on me and it time for me to move on.  I deeply care for each and everyone of you and wish the best of luck in your lives.  Remember this is a job family comes first.  


Lastly I would like to congratulate the new officers of FOP.


President                Kenneth  Strong

Vice President        Micheal Renckert

2nd Vice President Jared Diehl


I believe these men with continue making the organization and the department better.   If anyone wants to get involved in the organization talk to Kenneth and see if we can fill the Secretary and Treasure positions.  



Vaughn Howard

801-633-9341 Cell
801-239-2114 fax

FOP is so extremely proud of the men and women who have stepped forward to run for office. Please find below a brief summary of the qualifications of each of the candidates for office. NOTE: The listing of candidates appear in alphabetical order by office sought. 




FOP Leading the Way for 2016 Compensation for UDOC

January 12, 2016


Recently FOP met with Governor Herbert on a number of law-enforcement issues. One of the issues discussed with the Governor was the need for a career path for officers who work for the state of Utah. Unilike other law enforcement agencies working across the state, law enforcement officers working for the State of Utah, do NOT receive a annual increment or step raise. 


"This is FOP top priority issues", states Vaughn Howard, FOP President. We must acheive this objective if we are going to be able to attract and retent quailifed officers.


FOP will continue to work on this issue until it is acheived. 

NOTE: TO SEE THE RESULTS OF THE GROOMING SURVEY, CLICK HERE. GROOMING SURVEY RESULTS. If you would like a hard copy of the survey and data please download the PDF file below. 


Hard Copy of Grooming Survey conducted by FOP
Grooming Data.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [73.7 KB]
Create your own user feedback survey

FOP Lodge 14 comes off very sucessful legislation session.

The 2015 Utah State Legislative session proffered a number of bills that benefited law enforcement and specifically correctional officers and agents. At the top of the list is the win for salary equity started by Captain Ken Strong and Agent Holly Neville.


FOP was on Capitol Hill every day and monitored and tracked twenty-four separate, distinct pieces of legislation. Included in our legislative wrap up are the most important pieces of legisaltion for law enforcment. Go to the "FOP ON CAPITOL HILL" for a downloadable document explaining what passed for law enforcment this session.

The Voice of Law Enforcement in Utah!

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is this nation's largest and most effective organization for law enforcement personnel.  FOP was created by law enforcement officers for officers. The Utah State Corrections FOP Lodge 14 (the largest FOP Lodge in the State) was founded by Adult Probation & Parole and Correctional officers to represent the interests and concerns of those officers.  The Lodge has continued to grow since its inception and now Correctional officers comprise about half of the membership.  If you are looking for aggressive representation that focuses on fairness for all. If you have ever thought about how much you could change things, become a member today.   

Chuck Canterbury, National President of FOP,  appears on "Meet the Press" to advocate for CSI training for Police Officers!

FOP National President was really asked to speak on "Meet the Press" regarding the the firestorm is been created as a result of the recent shootings in Ferguson in the death of an African-American citizen in New York City. Kelly Atkinson, Executive Director of Lodge 14 set about Chuck's appearance," FOP has long claimed that it's the Voice of Law Enforcement. It is pretty apparent that when the  national press one of the spokesperson for line officers it knew right where to go."


FOP working to create new officer salary schedule!




FOP, is working, in cooperation with like-minded organizations and associations, to achieve the following four objectives:

  • have the Utah State Legislature appropriate a minimum of $4.2 million for salary adjustments in the Department of Corrections.
  • ensure that the appropriation is not spent to perpetuate the current salary inequities and disparities of the present career ladder system. Express your feelings regarding UDC’s career ladder system by taking a 3 question survey. Click here to take the survey.
  • use whatever funding is appropriated by the Legislature to develop a salary schedule for UDC which guarantees a $.75 salary increase each year an officer is employed by UDC.
  • secure additional funding above the 4.2 million proposed by the Governor for the correction of salary inequities.



You can help in in our efforts by doing the following:

  • Join FOP or one of the other associations or organizations fighting improve your compensation. When FOP speak to the Legislature we need to be able to say that we speak for a majority of the officers working for corrections.
  • Write a letter or email (see sample below) to the membership of the Utah State Legislature Executive Appropriation Committee and the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Sub appropriation Committees. These two committees will have the FINAL say on whether the funding proposed by Governor Herbert will be appropriated. The committee members and their contact information is as follows:



This committee is charged with making a recommendation to the Executive Appropriation Committee. If this committee does not recommend additional funding for UDC compensation adjustments, more than likely, additional funding will not be appropriated by the Utah State Legislature. Simply click the name of the Legislator below for there email address or physical mailing address.  Please drop each one a letter or an email.  


Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher (R), Senate Chair  

Rep. Eric K. Hutchings (R), House Chair  

Rep. Keven J. Stratton (R), House Vice Chair  

Rep. Sophia M. DiCaro (R)

Rep. Brian S. King (D)  

Rep. Merrill F. Nelson (R)

Rep. Curtis Oda (R)   

Rep. Angela Romero (D) 

Rep. V. Lowry Snow (R)  

Sen. Curtis S. Bramble (R)  

Sen. Jani Iwamoto (D)

Sen. Scott K. Jenkins (R)

Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R)

Rep. Rich Cunningham (R)  





The committee is charged with drafting the state budget for consideration by the entire legislature. If this committee does not approve the recommendations of the subcommittee, funding will not be appropriated by the Utah State Legislature.



Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard (R), Senate Chair  

Rep. Dean Sanpei (R), House Chair /

Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson (R), Senate Vice Chair

Rep. Brad L. Dee (R), House Vice Chair  

Sen. J. Stuart Adams (R)

Sen. Jim Dabakis (D)

Sen. Gene Davis (D)

Sen. Luz Escamilla (D)  

Sen. Peter C. Knudson (R)

Sen. Karen Mayne (D)

Sen. Wayne L. Niederhauser (R)  

Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R)

Rep. Patrice M. Arent (D)  

Rep. Joel K. Briscoe (D)  

Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck (D)  

Rep. James A. Dunnigan (R)

Rep. Francis D. Gibson (R)  

Rep. Gregory H. Hughes (R)

Rep. Brian S. King (D)  

Rep. Brad R. Wilson (R) 



(Please personal what you say in the red section  

below to reflect you personal situation) 


Daniel W. Thatcher 


Executive Offices &

Criminal Justice Subcommittee

6352 Vista Way

West Valley, UT 84128 



Dear Chairman Thatcher: 


Governor Herbert has recommended 4.2 million dollars be appropriated for salary adjustments in the Utah Department of Corrections. This gesture on the Governor’s part recognizes that correctional salaries are $46 million behind in compensation compared to correctional officers working in Salt Lake, Utah, or Davis Counties.


Am writing today to ask you to support the Governor’s recommendation and consider appropriating even a higher amount in order to bring my salary more in line with my counterparts working in other correctional agencies in Utah. Also, we are interested in developing a salary schedule similar to the one adopted last year by the Utah Highway Patrol within in the funds you appropriate.  


Why I enjoy working for the state of Utah as a correctional officer (AP&P Agent), it is extremely difficult to make ends meet on my current wage. I am a single mom supporting two children and driving 20 miles each day to work for the department. I have worked for the department for 15 years and make $22 an hour. It is extremely difficult to pay the mortgage, buy food for my children, pay for school expenses, medical expenses on $22 an hour. This is why am asking you to support and appropriation for salary adjustments for officers in the Department of Corrections.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Kelly Atkinson, Executive Director of FOP at 801 - 673 - 2861 or by emailing him at Congresman@Comcast.net.



Jane Doe

CO Officer

Utah Department of Correction

Email Address: ABC@comcast.net


Please take the time to write or email these legislators today.  


FOP Meets with Governor’s Office on Salary Issue

Kelly Atkinson, Holly Neville, Ken Strong, & Vaughn Howard after meeting with the Governor's Office

Over the last six months FOP is been working with Ken Strong and Holly Neville and with Executive Director Rollin Cook to bring greater salary equity to the members of the department. Cannot Holly have done extensive work (see article below) on pointing out the inequities in the career ladder pay plan presently being administered by the Department of Corrections. Recently FOP met with the Governor’s office to discuss the Strong/Neville pay plan. “It was a very positive meeting”, reported President Vaughn Howard. “We really appreciated the way in which Mike Mower, Deputy Chief of Staff, received FOP and our message.”


FOP’s goal in the upcoming legislative session is to work towards the adoption of a pay plan which compensates employees similarly to the pay plan adopted by the Legislature for the Highway Patrol. The plan compensates officers $.75 a year for their service and then the salary schedule increases by percentage which is considered a cost-of-living raise.


FOP will keep the membership posted as we work through session in striving to receive fair and equitable compensation for the services are rendered.

Fighting for Equality

Working for Fairness

Standing up against injustice

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