FOP Campaign to secure the Pay Plan - Letter Writing Campaign


With the Legislature convening on Monday, January 23, FOP members are encouraged to

write letters to members of the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Sub Appropriation

Committee. Below is a suggested format for letters and a listing of members of the

committee with their email addresses. Please be respectful and dignified in your requests.




Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Sub Appropriation

Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher, Chair –

Rep. Eric K. Hutchings, Chair –

Rep. Bruce R. Cutler, House Vice Chair –

Sen. Curtis S. Bramble –

Rep. James A. Dunnigan –

Sen. Margaret Dayton –

Rep. Brian S. King

Sen. Lincoln Fillmore –

Rep. Merrill F. Nelson

Sen. Jani Iwamoto –

Rep. Tim Quinn –

Sen. Peter C. Knudson

Rep. Angela

Sen. Ralph Okerlund

Rep. V. Lowry Snow

Rep. Logan Wilde –


Your letter SHOULD NOT be a form letters. Legislators HATE form letters. Here is a format to





Daniel W. Thatcher


Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Sub Appropriation Committee


Chair Thatcher:


First, may I thank you for the compensation package you approved for corrections last year. It

mean so much to me and my family. As a result I was able to spend more time with my 3 little

boys and less time working overtime to make a living. In addition, my husband and I have

had more time to strengthen our relationship. I so appreciate your efforts and the time you

spend away from your family in my behalf.


I am writing because as I am sure you know, the Governor has recommended 7.6 million

dollars be appropriated to the Department of Corrections. Approximately 5.6 million dollars

will be used to develop a career path which will give officers and agents working for the

Department of Corrections a compensation system comparable to similar systems in all the

cities and towns in Utah. While the proposed system is not perfect and does not benefit AP&

P agents the same way it does correctional officers, it is a big step in the right direction and

will it greatly enhance the ability to attract and retain new officers and agents into the



This last year six correctional officers took their lives. Why there is no way to prove it, I feel

that a big reason for this was the pressure we are under as officers and agents. The

department is still requiring mandatory overtime because of the number of vacant positions

that the department is having a hard time filling because UDC can’t compete with the cities

and towns who all have career pay salary systems. The governor’s proposal if approved by

the Utah State Legislature will be a giant step in the right direction to reversing these trends

in the department.


As a person of influence, I would ask that you do all in your power to implement this pay




Completa Underpaid

AP&P Agent

Region III


Again, now is the time to write these letters in the letter above is just a sample to assist you in

writing your own personalized letter to legislators. If you have any questions, please feel free

to contact Kelly Atkinson, Executive Director, FOP Lodge 14, 801 – 673 – 2861. The number

listed also receives text messages.

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