FOP 2015 Legislative Agenda




FOP has been working for over a year now on salary information with Ken strong and Holly Neville to move from the current career ladder compensation schedule to a new salary schedule which will provide $.75 step raises each year for post-certified officers working for the Department of Corrections. For the upcoming session, this will be FOP’s number one priority! Current Utah state law requires that the Department of corrections be paid comparably to surrounding counties.


The Strong/Neville research, clearly demonstrates there is an equity gap which if fixed would cost the state $45 million.


As a result of the lack of significant pay increases over the past several years, FOP will lobby the legislature for a COLA for staff members who work for the Department of Corrections.

Health Care

Over the years FOP has been at the forefront of lobbying for maintaining health insurance fully funded by the state of Utah. This year will be no exception to that stance!


Tier I: Contribution Rate Increase(Employees hired before July 1 2011).
The proposed retirement contribution rate increase is projected 2.07% for public safety employees in the Public Safety noncontributory system.

Tier II: Contribution Rate Increase(Employees hired after July 1 2011)
There is no proposed retirement contribution rate change for the Tier II program.

FOP will lobby to have the contribution rate increase and/or contribution rate changes fully funded by the Legislature.


FOP will seek to protect public safety leave as it currently stands. The major issue involved is the sick leave retirement benefit. FOP will seek to maintain post retirement benefits for our members.



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