One of the services FOP performs is what we refer to as "aggressive representation." FOP believes that all employees of the Department of Corrections from the Executive Director to the newest employee just hired should be held to the same employment standards - no better no worse.


In ensuring fair and equitable treatment, FOP employee the best labor attorneys in the state of Utah. Our trained attorneys are knowledgeable in law enforcement issues. In addition, there is no screening process to get to FOP's attorneys. The contractual arrangement when you join FOP is between the attorneys and the individual member. If you wish to file a grievance, please fill out the interactive grievance form below. Please make sure you save the form before closing the documents. Save your form by naming the document in your last name (exampe: Bennion).  The email the form to


NOTE: After filling the form out, make sure you save it using your LAST NAME so as not to lose important information.

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The jeopardy doctrine

Because FOP's membership includes members in different classifications, from upper-level management to line officers, grievance representation is based on the jeopardy doctrine. This doctrine refers to the policy of how FOP will  represents officers and agents, who may both be members of FOP, but one acting in a supervisory capacity. 


Supervisors are charged with supervision. In that capacity part of their job description is to manage subordinates under their charge. It may be necessary for a supervisor to administer discipline for the violation of a policy or procedure. The subordinate, who may also be a member of FOP, is the officer in jeopardy and therefore entitled to representation. The litmus test is who is being disciplined, suspended, demoted, or terminated? If the chain of command sustains the supervisors action, the subordinate will be disciplined, suspended, demoted, or terminated. If the action is not sustained by the supervisor's chain of command, while there may be some training provided for the supervisor, rarely if ever is a supervisor disciplined because of their failure to sustain discipline.


In cases where discipline is administered, a supervisor is supported by management and ultimately the attorney general's office of the state of Utah! A supervisor, when disciplining  a subordinate, has the backing of their chain of command. A member, whether supervisor or line officer, who is being disciplined has only FOP. That is the jeopardy doctrine that governs FOP representation.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Kelly Atkinson at 801-673-2861.


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