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FOP has earned a reputation as aggressive. If the member is a good employee who has been wronged, no one, and we do mean no one will fight harder for fairness than FOP. We have fought hard to see changes in the Department and under the leadership of Director Rollin Cook, we have seen a new and better day for those who dedicate their career to making the public safe. If you want to join an organization which stands up for those have been treated unfairly, fights for fair and equable treatment, and comparable wages, join FOP by clicking the "Join FOP Lodge 14 Today" button to the left of this box.


Why Join


We are not a traditional labor union, we are an organization of cops, from the top down. We are not beholden to any political party or outside organization. We often stand alone, on behalf of issues that are critical to the profession.  While we will try and work with other organizations on important legislation, we do not back down when it comes to protecting our officers. For example, we do not support AFL-CIO organizations that fight us in making assault on police officers a felony offense.  We put every effort into protecting cops and making our jobs safer.  


We don’t represent non-law enforcement, so everything we do has the interests of the profession at heart. No other organization in Utah can make that claim.


For a breakdown of the cost of joining FOP, please click the "Costing of Joining Lodge 14" on the upper left-hand side of this page.

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Cost of Joining Lodge 14


FOP Lodge 14 is extremely affordable because the Lodge officers are NOT paid. The cost per pay period is $17.25 or $448.50 annually. The annual breakdown of the cost is shown below:




Most organizations or unions, claiming to represent law enforcement officers, do not reveal how they spend dues money collected from the membership. The reason for this is simple, it would divulge too much information including salary for over bloated staff’s. FOP is different, transparency is a basic tenant of the organization. Below is a chart that reveals how FOP’s dues are spent.

As you can see 54% of dues collected pay for the best legal protection plan afforded to members by any association or union! The plan does not require an association or union board to approve or know about your employment matters or problems nor does it require approval of FOP’s President, Executive Director, or board. Members may access FOP’s attorney directly.

30% of dues pay for FOP’s lobbying efforts on Utah’s Capitol Hill and in Washington DC. A few examples of FOP efforts which have made a difference include:

  • Law enforcement officers who are involved in the critical incident which prevents them from working will have their retirement paid as if they were working full time and until such time the member is able to return to work or becomes eligible for retirement. (Prior to FOP being involved, this benefit was only available for Highway Patrol officers).
  • Up to a 4% cola increase in retirement benefits based on the consumer price index. (Prior to FOP being involved, the cap was a 2% cola increase).
  • The decimation and dismantling of the Utah State retirement system prevented. (Legislators wish to dismantle the system, FOP proposed alternatives which resulted in keeping the define benefit program as one of the options for members.)
  • FOP on the national level has secured funding to provide over 100,000 officers nationwide.
  • FOP on a national level has also secured funding for officers killed in the line of duty.

FOP transparency - just another reason to join a law enforcement association which is run by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers. Go to for info.

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