Rights of Officers

Public Safety Statements

When involved in a Critical Incident


After involvement in a critical incident, supervisors may ask you questions as part of a “public safety statement.”  Any questions that don’t revolve around these basic questions should give you reason to invoke 5th Amendment rights, pending a “Garrity Statement”.


Typical statements include the following:

  • Type of force used
  • Location of injured persons, including those in need of medical attention, if any
  • Description of outstanding suspects and their direction of travel, time elapsed since the suspect was last seen, and any suspect weapons they may possess.
  • Direction and approximate number of any shots fired by the involved officer and/or suspects and any known results, if applicable.
  • Description and location of known evidence.
  • Other information as necessary to ensure officer & public safety, and assist in the apprehension of outstanding suspects including identity of all persons present



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