Status on Prison Relocation

FOP has been monitoring very carefully the relocate of the prison. This page to serve as your resource to keep you abreast of the latest developments. FOP’s commitment to its members are that we will continue to monitor carefully the developments of the relocation committee until the Draper site has been relocated to the new site located in SLC. 

Click below for the latest developments and issues regarding prison relocation:

FOP on Prison Relocation

FOP believes that the relocation of the prison is a political decision better left to elected officials and their constituency. This is our position.


However, site location is critically important to FOP and to the public. It “takes a village” to successfully operate a prison. One of the most important components is a well-trained workforce. Moving the present site away from Salt Lake, Utah, or Davis County is not in the best interest of protecting public safety because the traveling distances would make it difficult, if not impossible, for many of the current officers to commute to a site located outside these counties. In a prison setting, untrained officers spell disaster in FOP’s opinion in the public safety potentially jeopardized.


In addition, one of the things that has contributed to the success of the  Department of Corrections has been the support of the community. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of volunteers who assist prisoners in their efforts to rehabilitate. Commuting vast distances would negatively impact volunteerism at the prison. The other adverse impact would be distances family members would have to travel in order to visit loved ones incarcerated. In most instances, family support is vital to the rehabilitation those incarcerated.


Finally, the overwhelming majority of those incarcerated will return to society. It serves the public’s interest to ensure that the infrastructure exists to provide released prisoners the best possibility of rejoining society in a positive and constructive role.

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